Suzanna Brown UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
  • I came to therapy with issues around intimacy and traumatic grief. I had no idea what to expect from the process, but Suzanna had a gentle manner which made talking about painful and intimate subjects so much easier than I had anticipated.

    I always felt safe, supported and free to be open in our sessions, which enabled me to uncover and explore my feelings, my blocks to finding intimacy in my relationships, and also provide a place for me to face my unresolved and overwhelming feelings of grief and loss.

    I’ve learnt more about myself through therapy than I could’ve imagined and feel I am in a much better place in my life as a result. Thank you, Suzanna, for helping me gain these insights, work through my grief and move forward with greater understanding of my emotions and connection in my relationships.

  • Suzanna is a fantastic therapist who has helped me overcome trauma, manage anxiety and rediscover my inner sparkle. Through mindfulness techniques, awareness and meditation she has given me the tools to step back from conflict, become more self aware, establish boundaries and reconnect with my authentic self. Professional, engaging, analytical and thoughtful, Suzanna is an excellent therapist and I would highly recommend her services.

  • Pulling from a wide repertoire of skills, Suzanna was able to use different techniques – with my permission – to challenge my ‘spectres’ that had long since found hiding places within my mind and behaviour. As a result, I am now able to be completely open and honest with my family and close friends about my needs without feeling inferior. I also needed help to rebuild my confidence after a violent marriage. I never thought I could trust men again. Through unpicking my fears and doubt, I became confident enough to date again. Suzanna’s support and guidance has been a massive influence in making this happen.

  • Suzanna has helped me enormously in my recovery from alcoholism. I didn’t think I was that bad, but I needed help. She told me about AA during our first session when I was very lost and scared and I trusted her because I needed help. I have never looked back. I now have over 20 months of recovery and Suzanna has been key in helping me turn my life around.

    I haven’t found therapy easy, more often than not it has been painful, but Suzanna never pushes. She listens, makes suggestions and we take a step back when we need to. She is like my safety net and our sessions are a safe place. Our relationship is based on trust and I know if I am honest with her, she will help me through.

  • I met Suzanna a few years ago through the NHS during a period where I felt counselling would help me through a particularly tough time in my life. I found her sessions a very calming influence in a time of need and have started private sessions with her once again since the passing of a loved one.

    While I initially sought Suzanna’s help in steering me through a traumatic time, she has helped me open up about myself more and more, which has allowed me to understand myself and my personality better than I think I ever would have without her counselling. I look forward to continuing therapy with Suzanna and developing on the great progress I’ve already made.

  • I first saw Suzanna through the NHS when I was suffering from post natal depression and returned to her privately when I realised that I would benefit from further therapy. I have now been attending sessions with Suzanna for well over a year. I have found the experience to be incredibly helpful. Having a set time to reflect and discuss has given me time focussed solely on me which I wasn’t previously allowing myself.

    Suzanna is a great listener, and very skilled at reminding me of things I have said in the past when they become relevant again. Through this I have been able to hear things back that I didn’t realise I was thinking, and also to see the patterns in my thinking. I feel totally comfortable with her and am able to discuss even the most personal things which I would not feel able to do with friends or family. And importantly for me, I never feel that she is judging me.

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