Suzanna Brown UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
  • The last decade has seen a huge shift in the way that we connect with and relate to each other. The advent and growing popularity of social media sites such as Facebook has influenced and sometimes changed the way we interact in our friendships, and the use of dating apps and the easy accessibility of internet porn have led to major changes in the opportunities we have to view and meet potential partners. Many of us are connected to more people in a wider sense than ever before, but can s...

  • In today's world, there is a strong focus on achievement. We have become a nation of 'doers' and we are busier than ever before. Increasingly, people are finding that operating in this way leads to high levels of unsustainable stress, which can in turn lead to burnout and health issues. Mental health is not just about the way we think. Stress affects the whole body - and becoming more mindful of how our lifestyles affect us can be extremely beneficial to our overall wellbeing. Learning ho...

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy in Clapham SW4

    Posted by admin | Feb 29, 2016

    I am an experienced UKCP & BACP Registered Psychotherapist working in Clapham and Paddington. I work with individuals from young adulthood to old age. Issues I work with include addiction, anxiety, depression, childhood issues, relationship issues, low self-esteem, trauma and work related stress and burnout. For more information please visit my website

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